About iclolog

Iclolog is the division of Iclotet specialized in overhead automatic warehouses for heavy unit loads of any type. Iclotet has more than 70 years of experience in this field offering turnkey projects for the integral management of the whole goods logistic process from its entrace in the warehouse until its expedition.
Our solutions are designed in order to store unitary products classifying them automatically in the pertinent storage area according to its reference.
Moreover, our warehouses allow moving several products continuously and simultaneously in order to get the desired batch at the expedition point. This improves not only productivity, but it also offers a high product availability as well as a permanent inventory control and space optimization as our overhead conveyors free up production surface.

Why to automatize a warehouse?

  • In order to move large amounts of goods.
  • If the warehouse is a part of a production process (assembly line) which requires a permanent flow of materials, components, etc.
  • Dynamic load storage with single or batch sorting. Required production between 50 and 500 movements/hour.
  • Higher security of the stored product.

Advantages of iclolog warehouses

  • Unitary loads.
  • Full traceability.
  • Time control between processes and productions by work positions.
  • Loads up to 250 kg.
  • Permanent warehouse inventory.
  • Space optimization.
  • Loads security.
  • High productivity and availability.
  • Reduce human and forklifts processes.
  • Production up to 500 movements/hour.
  • Historical data collection and forecasts statistics.